Tate Exchange 2018 development session 28-11-17 (CHELSEA)

Intro to Digital Maker Collective, Tate Exchange & Virtual Reality at Camberwell 24-11-17

New Collaborative Studio – MakerSpaces

Tate Exchange 2018 - Open Call to Collaborate in Digital Maker Collective Events

Gaming Collective First MeetUp 23-11-17

Tate Exchange 2018 'Drop In' project development session: 20-11-17 (WIMBLEDON) TIME CHANGE NOW 11.30am

Artificial intelligence - Meet-Up 14-11-17

Virtual Reality Symposium in VR 15-11-17 (experience using VR kits at Chelsea)

Tate Exchange 2018 'Drop In' project development session 02-11-17 (CHELSEA)

Tate Exchange 2018 'Drop In' project development session 07-11-17 (CAMBERWELL)

360 Video from Tate Exchange Event 22nd March - See all Event Images and the Programme on 22nd March 2017

Video below from the Deconstructing Digital event at Tate Exchange Event 22nd Feb 2017 - See all Event Images and the Programme on 22 Feb 2017

Below a live stream timelapse from the Digital Friction event at Tate Exchange 8th March 2017 - See all Event Images and the Programme on 8th March 2017

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