Tate Exchange 2018 - Open Call to Collaborate in Digital Maker Collective Events

Tate Exchange 2018 - Open Call to Collaborate in Digital Maker Collective Events

Following the success of the Digital Maker Collective, Digital Making Art School events at Tate Modern, Tate Exchange this year, which included 150 staff & students and over 2,000 public visitors, we are really pleased to be invite you to join the Digital Maker Collective in planning the programme for Tate Exchange 2018.

The overarching theme for the Tate Exchange programme this year is ‘Production’ which can be interpreted as we wish, and to help frame ideas we are looking through the lenses of Value, Material, Transformation and Knowledge.

We would like to develop our own ‘art school’ related event themes, these could be anything which respond to Production + Digital/Technological and Social Issue + Art, Design and Performance. E.g. utopian or dystopian perspectives of technology and life, such as future of work, manufacturing, interaction, automation, audience, ethics, access, open cultures, reproduction, labour, anti-production, power, ownership, sustainability, learning, making, creativity, play etc.

We will explore the issues together through experimentation and co-production with various technologies old and new, including digital fabrication, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual/mixed & augmented realities, internet of things, haptic, immersive, interactive and wearable technologies.

If you are interested and would like to find out more about getting involved please contact c.follows@arts.ac.uk and we’ll add you to the Tate Exchange 2018 Planning Group Mailing List. This call is open to all UAL staff, students & alumni, from individuals who want to collaborate, groups already collaborating or whole course teams. We are also open to explore collaborations with other groups either communities, sector or industry, although collaborations must happen prior to the Tate events.

We would like to know who is interested and how you'll be involved/contributing to the preparations and events asap as this is the deadline for submitting the Tate programme details for the Tate website, but we'll keep evolving the programme up until end of the year so new staff, students & alumni can get involved and join projects. Updates on progress will be posted on http://digitalmakercollective.org/


Great Theme - lots of provocations and valuable discoveries around this theme. If it is certain to remain i shall factor it into our MA course planning as of now.

Great. That would be brilliant !

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