Digital Making Art School at Tate Exchange Feb & March 2017

Digital Making Art School With Digital Maker Collective, University of the Arts London

In February & March 2017 the Digital Maker Collective delivered four hugely successful ‘Digital Making Art School’ events at Tate Modern, Tate Exchange.

The events took place on the 8th Feb - 22nd Feb - 8th March - 22nd March and included the participation of UAL staff, student’s alumni, industry, sector, local communities and the public.

Highlights from Tate Exchange 2017:

  • Over 2,000 public visited our events over the four dates
  • 150 staff, students & alumni from across ALL UAL collages/dept delivered events
  • Many staff & students visited the events, led to increased curriculum engagement
  • Sector/community guests delivered workshops & presented at the symposium
  • Visited by Director of Tate Modern & Tate Council who talked with students
  • Lots of positive interest & praise from Tate & Visitors
  • Very positive staff & student feedback, was seen as an ‘intense learning experience’
  • Curriculum integration via whole/part course/department participation include: WCA BA Print and Time Based Media, WCA BA Fine Art, Camberwell BA Photography & Graphic Design collaboration, Chelsea BA Spatial Design, Chelsea MA Spatial Design, LCC MA Interaction Design Communication, LCC MA Games Design, CSM 4D technical team/department, UAL learning & Teaching Exchange & Research.

Images & Programme from Tate Exchange 2017 events:

Members who delivered the final Tate Exchange Event 22nd March - See all Event Images and the Programme on 22nd March 2017

Members who delivered the Tate Exchange Event 8th March - See all Event Images and the Programme on 8th March 2017

Members who delivered the Tate Exchange Event 22nd Feb - See all Event Images and the Programme on 22 Feb 2017

Members who delivered the Tate Exchange Event 8th Feb - See all Event images and the Programme on 8th Feb 2017

Here are some posters we have received so far part of the call for Open Design - Collective Poster Designs for Tate Exchange Events thank you all

Beatriz Fernandes Graphic Designer Room One Beatriz Fernandes Graphic Designer Room One

Sergio Menendez Menendez

Alexander Fefegha-Etta

Joe Bradley Joey Phinn

A.Bianca.D.C Tina Touli

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