Lorent Rezari

College & Course:

Wimbledon College of Art: Fine Art Sculpture 



Interests in digital making:

I am interested in the ways in which art and technology can overlap. I enjoy working with a variety of digital mediums, including creative coding, electronics, animation, 3-D design and virtual reality. As an artist, these mediums help contribute to my interest in installation and interactive art.

Contribution to the Collective:

I currently provide technical assistance and help lead the group of 'What is the future of interaction?'. The group has recently presented a collaborative piece with the Digital Maker Collective at Tate Late. 

What you get from the Collective:

The collective provides a space in which my digital making skills can improve, whether it be through the workshops or people I meet. It also gives me a chance to pass on my knowledge and skills to other passionate makers,  or gain other new insights into the world of digital making. Being a part of the collective also provides an opportunity to strengthen the importance of the digital and its possible implications within the arts. I'm grateful that I get to contribute to this collective, which emphasizes collaboration and the pursuit of artworks of the future.

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