Mariana Heilmann

College & Course:

UAL student - Chelsea, Graduate Diploma Fine Art 2017/2018​

Interests in digital making:

My practice is informed by my interest in science, in particular the interrelationship of all matter at different scales. I would like to integrate digital technology into my practice through collaborations and dialogue.. My ideas extend in ways that could take a variety of forms within DMC depending on the type of dialogues generated. Light, sound, performance, interactive projection, microscopy, time lapse and slow motion films; these are some of the avenues I would like to explore.

Contribution to the Collective:

Ideas, enthusiasm, commitment. Also, I have a Interior Spacial Design degree that will help in terms of producing scaled working design drawings and plans and final settings for our ideas.

What you get from the Collective:

Collaborations and dialogue. Exposure to technology from the perspective of those currently using it in their work. Opportunity to work with Tate Modern and possibly other groups. Learning from peer’s diverse skills, ideas and experience.

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