Tate Exchange 6-11 March 2018 Programme (FINAL DRAFT)

Arts Work of the Future

6 – 11 March 2018, Tate Exchange

Get hands on with exploring the role of technology in the arts and join us in questioning and re-thinking its impact in our lives

Help us reimagine the role of the arts in an age of rapid technological change and explore how, through the arts, we can move beyond everyday consumption and technology as a spectacle. Together let’s challenge the mainstream, say the unsaid and address inclusion, integration and the production of technology in our lives, society, work, education – and in the arts.

The Digital Maker Collective and invited guest contributors from across the globe will transform Tate Exchange into a large public tech innovation hub, a space to get hands-on with technology exploration and rapid prototyping, and discover new forms of collaborative digital making experimentation. The full week long event programme will be posted and updated daily on digitalmakercollective.org website.

The floor of Tate Exchange will include:

  • Two large themed incubators on either side of the space, each incubator will include open studio, drop-in style working spaces, as well as a larger programmed space where tech workshops, test innovations and debates will be showcased and performed throughout the week.
  • A research wall (a place to map progress throughout the week).
  • An Un-Conference (public led debates).
  • A Welcome Area (A hologram welcome and help build a Bionic Art Student of the Future).

At each incubator you will have the opportunity to engage in digital making, co-creation and open innovation. Throughout the week you are invited to contribute and question the positive and negative impacts of technology in our lives and help us accelerate or decelerate ideas which can make a difference to society. 

Incubator One: Are Humans Sustainable? 

This incubator explores the potential of the human species to survive and thrive within new technological environments

It compasses four Digital Maker Collective led Provocations:'

  • Humans, Technology and Artificial Intelligence...' explores our changing relationship with technology
  • 'Growing Space' is a space for growing and is sourced locally from waste.
  • 'Is Technology Killing our creativity?' questions whether artificial creativity is a help or a hindrance to human imagination.
  • 'Experiencing Sustainability issues' explores micro-plastic pollution through interactive technology

Industry/Sector/Edu Guest Contributors:

Incubator Two: What is the future of interaction? 

This incubator will rethink virtual and physical space with interactive audio and visual projects 

The five Digital Maker Collective led ​provocations include:

  • 'I’m lonely, what can I do?' Question the mix of gaming in simulated environments and real time by using virtual reality and constructing a puzzle.
  • '(human ± technology) let's update together' code and activate light installations and experience unseen interactions between the physical and virtual. 
  • 'Movement & Technologygenerate sounds through your body movements. Get ready to experience physicality of sound in a new way!
  • 'What can be learned by demonstrating and exploring theories/practices in immersive VR environments?' a dance virtual demo
  • 'The Assembly Line' Exploring international collaboration through Virtual Reality (Parque Explora, Colombia)

Industry/Sector/Edu Guest Contributors:

Practice as Research Wall: Mapping Our Progress

Throughout the week we will be mapping our progress, a space for pulling together all the findings throughout the week and building collaborations (new collaborative projects, funding bids, exhibitions, exchanges, conferences, publications etc) we can take forward after the residency. 

Un-conference Space: Will technology enslave us or save us?

In parallel, but away from the busy main floor, come and join the ‘will technology enslave us or save us?' un-conference. Throughout the week, we will host a space for open public debate & conversations?Open to anyone, just sign up, propose a technology related topic, ask questions on the day and then discuss with others in a relaxed and informal setting. This is a space to stop, pause and reflect, so we can try and make sense of our digital utopian and dystopian futures.

Welcome Area: Six Million Dollar Bionic Art Student (We have the technology)

Welcome Area - Visitors are welcomed into the event by hologram talking student robot, providing an overview of what is happening on the floor. And along side the relaxed welcome area you are invited to get hands on by helping us imagine and build a Bionic Art Student, better, stronger, faster than before. The Bionic Art Student aims to provoke debate about the 'Arts Work of the Future' - what is the role of the creative in the work of the future? How are technologies changing future creative attributes? Can technology make art education more accessible? Are creatives leading the digital revolution/industry or being led by digital revolution/industry? How is technology changing creativity and creative learning? how far can creativity be automated? 

This event is programmed by Digital Maker Collective, a Tate Exchange Associate.

About the Digital Maker Collective

The Digital Maker Collective are a group of artists, designers, staff and students from the University of the Arts London (UAL) who explore emerging digital technologies in arts, education, society and the creative industries. They are supported by Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges of Arts (CCW), UAL.


A new industry partner / guest for Incubator 1 :

Dr F. Khalid from SenSat to talk about 3D city mapping using Commercial drones for use by driverless car computer systems.

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