My Furniture Works MAID CSM Overcrowded Living

Sector Guest Contributor: My Furniture Works MAID @ CSM Open Manufacturing for overcrowded living project

MAID @ CSM Elora, Zoé, Lily, Giorgia, Yin and Barbara

When & Where to find My Furniture Works: 

6th Tues to 11th Sun (12:00 - 18:00)
Incubator One: Are Humans Sustainable
Arts Work of the Future Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, London 

More About My Furniture Works:  

We are a team of Industrial Design students interested in social innovation and public projects.

What My Furniture Works aim to bring/offer to the event: 

We would like to discuss our project with external actors, as an example of the link we can create between the maker world, a public and social institutions and how we can engage a community through making activities.  

What My Furniture Works hope to get from the event: 

We would like to get some feedback and some information and meet potential stakeholders for the further development of the service.

Social media links:


Welcome Area - Automation, Creativity & Technology

Welcome Area - Visitors are welcomed into the event by a mock hologram of a talking cyborg, providing an overview of what is happening on the floor. Alongside the relaxed welcome area you are invited to get hands on by helping us what Arts Work of the Future means, through exploring & questioning automation and technology

Incubator One: Are Humans Sustainable?

This incubator explores the potential of the human species to survive and thrive within new technological environments. Please see below Digital Maker Collective and Guest Industry/Sector/Edu/Maker Provocations

Incubator Two: What is the future of interaction?

This incubator will rethink virtual and physical space with interactive audio and visual projects . Please see below Digital Maker Collective and Guest Industry/Sector/Edu/Maker Provocations

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