Kaye Pryce

College & Course:

Chelsea (Technical Resources)

Interests in digital making:

Moving Image, 2D + 3D Digital Design, Virtual + Augmented Realities, Gamification + Edutainment

Contribution to the Collective:

In response to I'm lonely, what can I do?.. the Gaming Group develops ideas centred on social and personal aspects and effects of gaming. The group also explores avatar creation/multiple personas, social gaming, simulation, escapism and the differences between the physical and the virtual.

During the Tate Modern Exchange residency (Arts Work of the Future, 6-11 March 2018), the Gaming Group will present a mixed reality gaming experience. Attendees can enjoy constructing a life size, hand painted, puzzle to reveal imagery based on relative themes. They can then experience the same concept in virtual reality!


What you get from the Collective:

A buzz...new knowledge and skills...new opportunities and connections...


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