Joey Phinn

College & Course:

Camberwell, Central Loan Store Technical Assistant

Interests in digital making:

- Virtual reality: Manus VR haptic gloves, magic leap, leap motion, - Samsung Gear VR, making virtual worlds/interactive spaces for narrative and communication.
- Interactivity: programming, Arduino, processing, javascript, robotics, sound (Max MSP)
- 3D: modeling, Cinema4D, 3d printing
- Other: Nuke compositing, motion graphics, After Effects, video editing

Contribution to the Collective:

Demo the Samsung Gear VR and the Maker Week event.

What you get from the Collective:

I think it’s an incredible opportunity to bring together likeminded individuals across the colleges to create a truly interdisciplinary CCW experience – a place to learn, create and genuinely be excited about the potential of new technology and how, as artists, we can take the next step forward in our own practice and forge new ways of communication and collaboration.

Your website:

Social media links:

Twitter: @Claetun
Instagram: @Princeling

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