Chiara Zucchi

College & Course:

I participate to the Digital Maker collective as Alumna of the course of Interaction Design Arts in LCC.


Interests in digital making:

I am interested in digital capabilities to facilitating new kinds of interactions, amaze the audience, and to deliver concepts in fresh, innovative, and effective ways. I also believe  digital improvements are leading us to reconsider the definition of “magic”.

In the past, my projects explored digital making in Virtual Reality combined to physical sensation, Sentiment Analysis in reaction to tweets, Live stream interactive performance, as well as the production of 3D printed and laser cut objects, videos, photograph’s manipulation and image creation.

In the future I would like to keep on exploring possibilities of digital technologies as creative and expressing tool. 


Contribution to the Collective:

I contribute to the curation of Art Works of the Future, the Digital Collective Maker’s week at Tate Exchange, March 2018; especially in the “Are Human Sustainable?” incubator.

Plastic Should be Louder, is a project which invites the audience to turn plastic waste into musical instruments developed through improvisation, to question and re-think the impact of disposable accumulation, to empirically understand plastics' qualities and question a culture of fast disposability. A database of plastic sounds exploration will develop into a website to engage the public in further considerations.

What' s your water choice? drives you through the controversies of drinking water. It investigates political consequences of water preferences. The ethical challenges we face everyday will be investigated by a series of interviews accessible through 'triggers' of an AR disrupted narrative, inviting the public to explore the issue under a casual and personal way. 


What you get from the Collective:

Meet and collaborate with other digital makers from different fields, participate to various projects of different nature.

Explore diverse topics and develop projects with the chance of using latest technologies and UAL facilities. 

Having the chance to exhibit in the space of a major institution such as Tate.


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Social media links:

Instagram: chiara.zzz

Linkedin: Chiara Zucchi


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