#30-04-2018 DMC Newsletter

This Week Meet-ups

Co-Design the Growing Space 

When & Where: Tuesday 1st May 12-3pm at Green Lab, Bermondsey
Contact: Rosie r.munrokerr@arts.ac.uk

  • Growing Space is a trans-disciplinary and collaborative project between Green Lab and UAL Digital Maker Collective, developed from the idea of an indoor greenhouse. 
  • The project investigates open source and flat pack furniture, temporary shelters, end of life materials, urban resilience, indoor farming and sustainable food systems.
  • We're co-designing a new modular and scalable iteration of Growing Space.  Initially it will be located in the Makerspace at Chelsea College of Art and will be as much a space for thematic discussion as a practical space for growing things. 
  • We are actively seeking additional contributors from all disciplines and skill sets (and colleges) who are interested in exploring themes of urban sustainability.
  • The co-design workshop will be on Tuesday 1st May 12-3pm at Green Lab, Bermondsey. To attend, please email r.munrokerr@arts.ac.uk to register your interest.

Immersive 360 Degree Short Film in VR: 

When & Where: Chelsea MakerSpace 02/05/2018 4-6pm 
Contact: Catalina Lam (email c.follows@arts.ac.uk for more details)

Gathering people who are interested/experienced in filming 360, discussing different possibilities and limitations with the current technology and equipment we have, and see if we could have any further development together?

Up-Coming Meet-ups

Artist Talk: 
Meta -Landscape Medellín with Alejandro via Skype from Columbia

When & Where: Wimbledon Space, 10 May 14:00 - 16:00
Contact: ​ALEJANDRO ESCOBAR (email c.follows@arts.ac.uk for more details)
ALEJANDRO ESCOBAR Meta -Landscape Medellín, 2018 Come along and discuss Meta -Landscape Medellín with Alejandro via Skype. Artist Talk

Call for students to take part in UAL Film about Chelsea MakerSpace: 

When & Where: Chelsea MakerSpace Wednesday 16 May 1pm – 3pm
Contact: Frances Bailey f.bailey@arts.ac.uk

  • CCW Makerspace interviews and filming. Our interviews and filming in the makerspace will go ahead on Wednesday 16 May 1pm – 3pm, if you can only join for a short time during this period then please pop down when you can!

  • It would be great to feature as many of you as we can so if you can attend the session please do. We will send some questions for you to have a think about ahead of the day.

Developing the collective internationally, partnerships &  festival

When & Where: Chelsea MakerSpace, Date TBC
Contact: Florentine Ruault (email c.follows@arts.ac.uk for more details)

Florentine Ruault calling a meet up/gathering to discuss with other people

  • Developing the collective internationally 
  • Building up connections with potential financial and product partners
  • Getting involved in festival

Propose/Call Out a Meet-up:

  • We would like to build on the brilliant energy & activity from last term and continue the meet-ups so we can move forward with our future plans - for this we need to keep meeting up and developing projects - please complete this DMC Meet Up - Call Out Form a week in advance of any meet ups.


External Opportunities:

  • Call for Applications: Oculus Launch Pad 2018: Oculus announce the official start of Oculus Launch Pad 2018! Applications are now open at oculus.com/launch-pad. Now in its third year, Launch Pad provides women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and people from other underrepresented backgrounds funding and resources to ensure diversity of thought in the VR ecosystem. Apply online now through May 20 in one of three categories—360° film, VR experiences, and VR games—or click here for more information.

Big Picture/Future:

We will resume general DMC development meetings/meet-ups soon, if you haven't already please completed the Tate Exchange feedback & reflections to help inform our next/future DMC work & events. Please complete this form asap: HERE

Over the next few months we are looking to re-organise the DMC structures & seek more support, we will not be committing to any large events until we have re-organised. Our plans are to develop three strands of the DMC: 

  • DMC Education  - Find a sustainable solution to maintain and support a fully open & inclusive DMC for all, this will require closer association, funding & support from educational partners like UAL. 
  • DMC Community - Seek funding & support & develop social engaged practice & build links with external communities  
  • DMC Enterprise & Events - Create new enterprise & events opportunities through the development of new tech accelerator & incubators - these groups will be formed as a result of the ongoing activities being developed in DMC Education & Community. Enterprise groups we would like to explore developing are Immersive Tech, AI, Sustainability, Creative Computing ...

Thank you DMC

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