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Happy New Year DMC !

Nesta have shared their ten predictions for 2020, an annual list of the trends, social movements and technological breakthroughs set to impact our lives over the next twelve months. The predictions include surveillance technology, digital replicas and human digital twins. Join us to discuss and explore all all this and more at our upcoming meet-up WHAT ARE FACIAL RECOGNITION AND DEEPFAKES? Part 1 Wed, 8 January 2020 17:00 – 19:30, from asking how does facial recognition actually work and how can we creatively empower users with the tool as well as exploring wider concepts of synthetic media and deep fake ethics.

#UNI2UNICORNS Event now live on Tate website

Unpack the creative power of the tech industries and explore where the art world meets the tech world. 


What: Informal drop-in sessions on understanding what facial recognition & deepfakes are, its dangers & its potential for creative empowerment.

This is a Facial Recognition & Deepfakes R&D and team building meet up aims to support a community of interest which connects collaborative interests and projects together. The meet up requires everyone involved to contribute. Please bring your ideas, questions or something to talk about, show, demo (optional) or just observe and get involved when you can.

We will be joined by a representative from Privacy International.

When: Wednesday 8th January - 5pm - 7:30pm

Where: The Playground, Centre for Social Enterprise, 1 Wilson Road, London, SE5 8LU


Part 3: Augmented Reality Meet Up

What: Informal drop-in sessions, share updates on AR R&D and team building, connecting and planning for starting collaborative R&D projects together. Bring something to talk about, show or demo (optional).

When: Weds 15th Jan - 5pm - 7:30pm

Where: The Playground, Centre for Social Enterprise, 1 Wilson Road, London, SE5 8LU

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How to get involved:

Please join the DMC meet-ups, R&D (above) and email c.folllows@arts.ac.uk if you are interested to find out more about potential related projects/work ideas in progress. 
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All meet-ups will be held at the DMC base camp at University of the Arts London, Camberwell Playground, 1 Wilson Road, London, SE5 8LU.

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