Surveillance, Deep Fakes & Augmented Reality & Spatial Computing Meet Ups Next Week

3 X DMC meet ups next week:

The DMC meet ups aim to establish and grow an informal R&D network of UAL staff, students & alumni to collectively explore emerging tech. We have 3X informal meet ups on Weds 15th Jan 5pm-7.30pm at the Camberwell playground.  Open to UAL staff, students and alumni (industry collaborators also welcome) . Sign up details 

** this meet up is being supported by UAL CCW DMC Digital Maker Collective, in partnership with CRIN Child Rights International Network, one of our event collaborators

Last week meet up

Fantastic turn out for our first hashtag#artsDMC meet up of 2020. There's clearly a huge appetite across the art school for exploring facial recognition, surveillance and deepfakes. Follow the link below for more info, images and a few interesting resources and provocations we came across and discussed together.

Video from the Machine Learning for the Creative Industry course

See this newly shared documentation from the Machine Learning for the Creative Industry course part of the Creative Computing AI intensive courses for UAL students, supported by Creative Computing Institute CCI UAL and brilliantly led by Marco Marchesi from Happy Finish in collaboration with #artsDMC back in July 2019.

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