National Theatre: All Kinds of Limbo at Uni to Unicorns

So, pleased to announce National Theatre: All Kinds of Limbo, will be performing at #Uni2Unicorns event. Performance lasts 15 min & free to all. Tickets can be collected in person Tate Exchange first come, first serve basis, from 12:30 pm 3-8 March 2020.

Immersive Performance Studio

  • All Kinds of Limbo
    • The ceremony of live performance and the craft of theatrical staging converge with immersive technologies and the musical direction of composer Raffy Bushman to bring a communal audience into a new kind of theatrical space. All Kinds of Limbo is an engagement of a musical performance starring Nubiya Brandon, who sings a musical narration of her life in limbo that spans the genres of reggae, grime, classical, and calypso.
  • Dimension Studio
    • Specialise in creating volumetric humans and avatas. Nubiya’s performance was volumetrically captured by Dimension studios, who have been collaborating with Wimbledon College of Arts. This production showcases the very latest example of performance and immersive technologies.

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