Betty Zhang

College & Course:

LCC, MA Interaction Design Communication 1 year student

Interests in digital making:

I am interested in joining the tangible with digital methods.Physical computing, MAX/MSP, Arduino, interactive installation and art, projection mapping, generative art, Processing and Javascript, art through programming.

Contribution to the Collective:

I have a background in fine art and visual design. I am currently learning physical computing methods and interaction design skills as well as Javascript. I've been part of art exhibitions and performance art projects as well as being resourceful about start-ups. I also have a wide international network and can connect people to resources or other people.

What you get from the Collective:

The collaborative nature of the group is really effective in connecting makers and ideas. It's a good environment for everyone involved to learn, test, and prototype projects outside of their courses. It also promotes collaboration between different colleges and programs.

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