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The Digital Maker Collective are an open group of University of the Arts staff, students, alumni who share common goals of exploring digital & emerging technologies in the context of arts, education, society and the creative industries. The Collective meet regularly through interdisciplinary interest led group meet-ups, gatherings, activities and events in collaboration with the arts/tech sector and industries. 

  • For more details about the Collective please contact
  • See latest Digital Maker Collective activities and 'This Weeks Meet Ups' here 


The Collective hold regular meet-ups:

  • In the UAL Student led Collaborative MakerSpaces #CCWMakerSpaces
  • Other pop-up locations & UAL colleges

Digital Maker Collective Email Group:

Social & messaging channels:

The collective aim to share progress & planning openly on & offline as much as possible to encourage open development:

  • Social & messaging channels: Facebook Twitter @CCWDigital Instagram: digitalmakercollective
  • SLACK Channel - Join click here
  • Hashtags: #artsDMC #artsworkofthefuture #CCWMakerSpace #CCWDigital #digitalmakercollective #tateexchange
  • Other related networks: @tateexchange @ual @WimbledonUAL @CamberwellUAL @ChelseaUAL
  • Your Channel - The Collective are encouraged to create their own channels for project development, facebook etc or use the DMC channels for group messaging & communications etc.

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