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About the DMC

The Digital Maker Collective are an open group of University of the Arts staff, students, alumni who share common goals of exploring digital & emerging technologies in the context of arts, education, society and the creative industries. The Collective meet regularly through interdisciplinary interest led group meet-ups, gatherings, activities and events in collaboration with the arts/tech sector and industries. 

  • For more details about the Collective please contact
  • See latest Digital Maker Collective activities and 'This Weeks Meet Ups' here 

What does Knowledge Exchange mean to you?

In March 2018, the Digital Maker Collective transformed the Tate Exchange, 5th floor of Tate Modern into a large public tech innovation hub, a six day residency entitled ‘Arts Work of the Future’. See all DMC Tate Exchange case study videos here.


The Collective hold regular meet-ups:

  • In the UAL Student led Collaborative MakerSpaces #CCWMakerSpaces
  • Other pop-up locations & UAL colleges

Digital Maker Collective Email Group:

Social & messaging channels:

The collective aim to share progress & planning openly on & offline as much as possible to encourage open development:

  • Social & messaging channels: Facebook Twitter @CCWDigital Instagram: digitalmakercollective
  • SLACK Channel - Join click here
  • Hashtags: #artsDMC #artsworkofthefuture #CCWMakerSpace #CCWDigital #digitalmakercollective #tateexchange
  • Other related networks: @tateexchange @ual @WimbledonUAL @CamberwellUAL @ChelseaUAL
  • Your Channel - The Collective are encouraged to create their own channels for project development, facebook etc or use the DMC channels for group messaging & communications etc.

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