Ambar Quijano

College & Course:

Chelsea College of Arts BA Fine Art (Year 2)

Interests in digital making:

Sustain-Art Concepts is a  project within my Fine Art Practice  born from the idea of combining sculptural forms and sustainability. It has been inspired by renewable energy systems, from which movement and mechanisms have been taken into account. I am interested in ideas involving the natural environment in relation and coexistence with technology. Within my Fine Art practice I have experimented with emergent technologies which I tend to incorporate through 3D modelling quite often. Along 3D modelling I also enjoy investigating emergent techniques for materialization. I am currently very interested in sensor technology, with which I have not very much experience, yet this is definitely something that I am looking forward to learn more about collaboration with the digital maker collective.

Contribution to the Collective:

I am keen on the idea of collaboration, and with my experiences so far I intended to contribute to research, promotion and encouragement of renewable energy, parallel to emergent technologies. As a Rhino and Grasshopper user, I am still currently discovering and experimenting, I am willing to keep on developing my ideas as well as sharing these and what I have learned along my processes with others.

What you get from the Collective:

While I continue to learn more about digital making and emergent technologies, to me is very important to create a sense of community. The Digital Maker Collective seems like a very exciting space to make this happen.

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