Technology Is the Answer, But What Was the Question?

We are collating any questions we get from events & social media  to share with the Collective, the questions will inform and be included in critical debates at the Tate Exchange #tateJAM events Feb & March 2017.

Some questions from the Innovation Games Conference:

Will it make my life better?
What keeps on giving?
How can we integrate, get access and afford technology?
What has helped the world progress?
How do we become more efficient?
How can we use technology in an affordable and accessible way?
How might a post-truth world impact the futures of creativity?
What is the best use of VR?
How do we solve a problem?
Will technology divide society?
What is the best way to use VR in the Education sector?
What could be the cure to all human ailments?
How do we evolve?
What are you most looking forward to?
Can technology help mental health?
What is the cure for human ailments such as Parkinson’s using technology?
Does technology lead or follow?
How can technology make everyday tasks simpler?
Can technology help with mental health and stress?
What is the future?

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