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Live stream experiment

Want to help us with a live stream experiment?

We are going to live stream from the Tate Weds 15 March between 12pm and 2pm, and we want to see if you can join us remotely, and help test out the feedback functionality and remote communications.

Interested, then you can try the below now in preparation for tomorrow? 


We must all try and keep safe, there's a lot of new people exploring electronics for the first time so let’s all key an eye out for each other and anyone bringing electronics in:

Some Golden rules are:

Blogs with members of the Collective and guests about Tate Exchange 2017

Great to see blog post interviews with members of the Collective, about the Collective and the Tate Exchange events:

Open Design - Collective Poster Designs for Tate Exchange Events

We thought rather than having one poster design for the Tate Event/s, it would be good to call out to anyone in the collective, to create lots of different designs and also some alternative experimental posters/adverts maybe?
Here are some posters we have received so far which we'll show on Weds 22nd event, thank you all - also we'll be making posters on the day with Analogue Systems.

Technology Is the Answer, But What Was the Question?

We are collating any questions we get from events & social media  to share with the Collective, the questions will inform and be included in critical debates at the Tate Exchange #tateJAM events Feb & March 2017.

Some questions from the Innovation Games Conference:

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Functional Programming

Hey guys. Just updated our blog with some technical stuff. Probably only interesting to those into javascript, but thought I would share the knowledge.



The Sorcerer and their Apprentices, MIT Media Lab

Just finished The Sorcerers and their apprentices by Frank Moss, former director of Mit Media Lab, brilliant insights into the antispecialisation culture leads to innovation. Check out the conference this week https://www.facebook.com/thefutureofpeople/

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