Open Design - Collective Poster Designs for Tate Exchange Events

We thought rather than having one poster design for the Tate Event/s, it would be good to call out to anyone in the collective, to create lots of different designs and also some alternative experimental posters/adverts maybe?
Here are some posters we have received so far which we'll show on Weds 22nd event, thank you all - also we'll be making posters on the day with Analogue Systems.

Sergio Menendez Menendez

Alexander Fefegha-Etta

Joseph Bradley Hill Joey Phinn & Saskia Little (Freyron Collective)

A.Bianca.D.C Tina Touli

As the event goes on we'll have multiple designs posters/adverts better representing the culture of collective contribution, this will be 'on show' throughout, until 22nd March.

So if you are up for a challenge and would like to contribute posters/advert (can be printed or electronic) then please do please share your designs on social media.
Poster key info BELOW.
Please share your designs or alternative experimental posters/adverts on twitter/Instagram or facebook to get some feedback – please Tag with #artsDMC
Email or any final designs and we’ll try and get them printed for distribution.
Can make an overall poster for the whole event or individual posters per one of the 4 events but also indicate the other dates (no need to include all the info below).

Poster info for Tate Exchange:

Digital Making Art School at Tate Exchange
#tateJAM #tateexchange

With Digital Maker Collective, University of the Arts London

8 February 2017
22 February 2017
8 March 2017
22 March 2017

Tate Exchange, Switch House, Level 5

Tate Modern

Free Entry

Join in digital making projects that explore, reclaim and confront technology in the arts and society

Work with the Digital Maker Collective and guest makers to explore the boundaries of participation and interaction through digital experiments, performances, interventions, and conversation.

  • 8 February: Digital New and The Familiar:  How do we reconcile digital unknowns with the everyday?
  • 22 February: Deconstructing the Digital: Explore resistance, activism and risk taking through creativity and taking things apart 
  • 8 March: Digital Friction: Explore ways of subverting and confronting digital friction caused by technology overload
  • 22 March: Virtually Real Environments: Explore the boundaries of physical and virtual space, new worlds and spatial narratives

#tateJAM #artsDMC #tateexchange #digitalmakercollective
Twitter: @CCWDigital & @tateexchange
Instagram: CCWDigital
Facebook: digitalmakercollective

Digital maker Collective Logo. UAL logo DOWNLOAD & GUIDES & Tate Logo DOWNLOAD & GUIDE (small at bottom right)


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