VR Explorers

Explore four different environments in VR by Ual Fine Art Digital and Spatial Design students
When & Where: 
TATE EXCHANGE, Level 5, Switch House, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG (12pm - 5:30pm)

Come and Experience four different environments in Virtual Reality. BA and MA students collaborate to explore the use of VR technologies inside their practices.

Choose from walking in a lunar landscape and throw balls, strolling along the skyline of St Giles in Central London and walk up the spiral to experience the city from new heights, be disorientated by an abstract dreamworld or take a tour inside a hand painted three-dimensional landscape.

Get involved and leave your comments on a post-it and influence the design for the last day of the show!

  • What would you like to see in the design?
  • Which experience did you enjoy the most and why?
  • What did work and what didn’t?
Event Image: 
Alejandro Escobar – Lead (Camberwell MA FA)
Kristina Thiele (Chelsea BA ISD)
Jimena Cieza de Leon (Chelsea BA ISD)
Photos from the Event : 

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