Get hands on making with coding Arduinos at most levels of ability, subverting pound shop toys and creating open source interactive projects that will populate the grid.
When & Where: 
TATE EXCHANGE, Level 5, Switch House, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG (12pm - 5:30pm)

ELECTR“O”ACTIVE GRID: A collaboration between CYLAND MediaArtsLab artist /engineers from St. Petersburg, UAL Digital Maker Collective members and Hill Mead Primary School in Brixton (via http://londonc lc.org.uk/).

ELECTR“O”ACTIVE GRID is made from interconnected polypropylene tubes and will be populated with Arduino programmed Servo-motored objects,  subverted children’s toys, iPads, small TV screens and other electrical hybrid devices. It will then be programmed using Rasberry Pi to become an interactive participatory platform at Tate Exchange.

Event Image: 
CYLAND MediaArtsLab artist /engineers from St. Petersburg.
CYLAND: Anna Frants, Alexandra Dementieva, Philipp Avetisov, Alexei Grachev, Sergei Komarov.
UAL Digital Maker Collective (DMC) members
DMC leads: Nicola Rae, Demelza Woodbridge, Ibrahim Romman, Harry Wills, Almudena Romero, Lucy Wheeler, Zoe Wheeler, India Gabb, Jaime Salazar De Sousa, Joshua Simpson.
10 children from Hill Mead Primary School in Brixton.
Photos from the Event : 
Image by Anna Frants of CYLAND
Image by Anna Frants of CYLAND
Image by Anna Frants of CYLAND


CYLAND Partners with the Digital Maker Collective for Tate Exchange Workshop - http://cyland.org/lab/cyland-partners-with-the-digital-maker-collective-...

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