Jo Shah

College & Course:

Wimbledon Campus - Theatre and Screen 

Interests in digital making:

I am intrigued by digitally aided changes to education and facilitation and the rapidity of these shifts. Drawing from an interplay of creative pedagogy and new technologies, I am the enduring digital making experimenter that looks to find ways of enhancing the HE Creative Arts learning exchange beyond traditional classroom settings. 

Contribution to the Collective:

A combination of enthusiasm, commitment, and participation.

What you get from the Collective:

The Collective is a unique and wonderful opportunity to share projects and ideas with a diverse range of peers across a multitude of Arts related fields. It is a wonderful UAL community that embraces digital expression in all of its forms and contexts - while being an immensely productive platform where ideas can come together. 

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Academic Profile 

Social media links:

Twitter Handle: @JS_Diaspora  


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