Tate Exchange 18 Drop-In Planning Meeting 04/10/17

What: Tate Exchange 2018 Drop-In Planning Meeting 04/10/17. This drop-in session is for anyone who would like to talk about ideas or find out more about the Digital maker Collective Tate Exchange 2018 events. More details on how to prepare for this session below. 

When: Wednesday 4 October (between 2pm to 5pm) half hour sessions, book a time below

Attendance: We had 3 meetings of 15 per meeting so around 45 people.

Image from the meetings:

Image from the meetings:

Image from the meetings:

Image from the meetings:

Book: Its a drop-in meeting so please add your name & time to this poll - https://beta.doodle.com/poll/apnvwmhnczr736x8 so we know who is coming and at what time.

Where: Chelsea CG01 MakerSpace

Access & Address - For those who do not have UAL ID please call me/Chris on 07703887845 and let me know you are there, we can meet in the main canteen, Atterbury Street entrance.

Chelsea Collaborative MakerSpace AG01
Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street (use Atterbury Street entrance)
London SW1P 4JU
Find us: http://www.arts.ac.uk/chelsea/about/find-us/

Preparation and/or things to consider before attending a planning session:

This year we want to ensure we establish a close community and network, one where we are all working together aware of each others role in the event, our association with the collective and be clear about what we all do/offer/bring to the event.

The below requirements are essential for inclusion in the Tate Events:

  • Take part in the upcoming planning meetings (some exceptions of international partners)
  • Be an active member of the Digital Maker Collective and Collaborative project. Rather than lots of small non-directly-related activities, next year we aim to create a large joint activity/project/installation that we all work on together and with the public throughout the week at Tate. 
  • Develop, run or help an open collaboration/activities in one of the CCW Collaborative MakerSpaces. Either lead a collaboration or be part of/join a collaboration. You would have physically road tested, developed and shared your ideas with other members of the planning group, outside your team before the Tate event.
  • Be self-sufficient in terms of budget, capacity to deliver your contribution to the Tate event etc. 
  • Share your plans online with others – to encourage open development - Join our Slack group and the Tate Exchange & the Digital Maker Collective Email groups.
  • Please share your progress & planning openly on & offline as much as possible: Please ensure you make the connection to the Digital Maker Collective Tate Exchange event by referencing the 'Digital Maker Collective' and using hashtags #DigitalMakerCollective #artsDMC #tateexchange and @CCWDigital @tateexchange 
  • Have a clear plan for how your activity/s will address the following:
    • How your activity addresses the ‘Production’ theme
    • How you will involve people & communities in debate, collaboration or social interaction (socially engaged practice)
    • What questions/social issues you aim to address
    • The audience (aim for a wide catch)
    • Participation how will visitors engage in your activity

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