Creative Coding/Computing Meet Up 10-01-18 CAMBERWELL

Building on the interest in creative coding & computing across CCW, we are looking to grow our CCW Digital Maker Collective Creative Coding & Computing community, so come along and help, share and learn creative coding & computing together. Creative coding and computing at CCW can include the creation of interactive works, sensors (all kinds from motion to ultrasonic), interactive installations, immersive spaces, experimentation with data, face detection, wearable technologies & internet of things. We will bring a selection of Microcontrollers, Arduino and Raspberry Pis, sensors etc to play with, but also bring your own kit if you can. See some examples of Creative Coding/Computing at Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon (CCW)

Where: Camberwell Collaborative MakerSpace

When: 10th Jan 2018

Time: 12pm to 2pm

Meet up facilitated by: Grzesiek Sedek

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