Zoe Wheeler

College & Course:

Wimbledon College of Arts, Fine Art, Alumni.

Interests in digital making:

Interactive and Digital Art.

I am an installation artist, interested in how technology can affect our intimate relationship to a material’s ontology.

Currently I am expanding my knowledge in creative coding, electronics, adobe software.

Contribution to the Collective:

I am currently leading a group for the Tate Exchange that questions ‘What is the future of Interaction?’ in relation to creative coding and electronics. Work in progress was recently shared at Tate Lates.  I aim to open opportunities to students and alumni to have the confidence to learn to code and create interactive installations.

In 2017 I was involved in a range of workshops and conferences with the collective, which include a workshop with Brixton Hill Mead School in collaboration with Cyland at the Tate Exchange, a Tate Kids workshop and sharing the perspective of alumni students at the DEL Conference.

What you get from the Collective:

Through collective learning I have gathered skills in creative coding, recently with Arduino, RGB lights, LED lights and ultrasonic sensors.  

The act of collaborating with others has also influenced my own practice as the collective’s interdisciplinary nature has allowed me to further question how advancing technologies can bond with and influence contemporary art.

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