Rosie Munro Kerr

College & Course:

MFA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Arts (2015)
Alumni Artist in Residence, Digital Maker Collective (2016-2017)

Interests in digital making:

I'm interested in systems of objects that interact with each other and their environments. I use combinations of electronic devices and hand-made/low tech things to create sprawling systems that respond to their particular environmental situation. I'm looking at how a space can be physically represented by the behaviour of the objects that exist within it.

I'm interested in the blurred boundary of a system in a given environment: the point at which the space of an artwork ends.  I look at autonomous systems, human-machine interaction, the displacement of human labour.  

A non-exhaustive list of areas I work in include physical computing, robotics, Internet of Things, circular systems, solar power, replication, lenses, weather stations and space travel. 

Contribution to the Collective:

As Alumni Artist in Residence from 2016-2017, I worked with Daniel Bandfield on an Internet of Things platform called Aether and supporting workshop programme.  

I am currently working with the Digital Maker Collective to support communities of interest between external fab labs and the University. For Tate Exchange 2018 we are making an indoor growing environment, 'Growing Space', to investigate issues of sustainability, the circular economy, end of use materials and urban farming.

What you get from the Collective:

The exchange of ideas from other interest areas and disciplines.  Sharing knowledge, pooling resources, collaborative making and learning. 

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Instagram: @rosievmk

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