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Sector Guest Contributor: South Devon College 

Staff members Gareth Day, Pawel Szymanski and four students

When & Where to find South Devon College: 

Arts Work of the Future Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, London 
Incubator One & Two - 8th Thurs & 9th Fri (12:00 - 18:00)

More About South Devon College:  

Here at the South Devon College, everything we do is built around your experience as a student and helping you make the most of your time with us and progress. We have an unwavering passion for learning, and pride ourselves in delivering excellent programmes of study. We offer a wide range of courses and qualifications for learners of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, all of which are designed to help you develop your skills, confidence and progress into employment in your chosen career or to higher education.

What South Devon College aim to bring/offer to the event incubator/accelerator: 

Technology has become the most important and fundamental driving force behind the progress of human civilisation. 

However, this phenomenon is a paradox! 

Technological innovations are designed to continuously improve the quality of our existence. They simultaneously disturb the dynamics of our interaction and lead to the destruction and poisoning of our habitat – a blue planet called the Earth. 

Our UAL Foundation Diploma in Art students have engaged in an exciting project, which questions the following lines of intellectual enquiry: 

  • Uncontrollable growth of plastics in the sea and sustainable ways of disposal. 

  • Is sustainability feasible in a technologically unsustainable world? 

  • Is it possible to live in your own “bubble” and alienate technology? 

  • Rejection of reality and a total relocation to a virtual world.

What South Devon College hope to get from the event: 

We are eager to make a valuable contribution to the process of collaboration with our partners.  Simultaneously, the participating Foundation Diploma in Art students are searching for additional stimulus and inspiration to develop their projects further through exchange of ideas and alternatives.Ultimately, we would like to communicate the seriousness of the consequences of technological advances and their impact on reshaping the future of our civilisation.

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Welcome Area - Automation, Creativity & Technology

Welcome Area - Visitors are welcomed into the event by a mock hologram of a talking cyborg, providing an overview of what is happening on the floor. Alongside the relaxed welcome area you are invited to get hands on by helping us what Arts Work of the Future means, through exploring & questioning automation and technology

Incubator One: Are Humans Sustainable?

This incubator explores the potential of the human species to survive and thrive within new technological environments. Please see below Digital Maker Collective and Guest Industry/Sector/Edu/Maker Provocations

Incubator Two: What is the future of interaction?

This incubator will rethink virtual and physical space with interactive audio and visual projects . Please see below Digital Maker Collective and Guest Industry/Sector/Edu/Maker Provocations

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