Lodz University of Technology, Fablab Lodz

Sector Guest Contributor: Lodz University of Technology, Fablab Lodz 

Igor Zubrycki and Honorata Lukasik

When & Where to find Igor and Honorata: 

6th Tues and 7th Weds (12:00 - 18:00)
Welcome Area - Automation, Creativity & Technology
Arts Work of the Future Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, London 

More About Igor and Honorata:  

Igor Zubrycki and Honorata Lukasik focus on robotics and human-robot interaction especially in the context of intuitive interfaces and designing robots for positive social influence. 

Igor will be coming with Honorata, who is an artist focusing on film and theatre industries. Honorata is a member of Fablab Lodz, where she created parametric art and interactive art. 

What Igor and Honorata aim to bring/offer to the event: 

My expertise as roboticist and human-robot interaction researcher. I participated in couple large robotics projects from various robotics fields such as rescue robotics (where I created interfaces for such robots), rehabilitation robotics (Roboterapia for autistic children and Fantom for epilepsy robot) and educational robotics ( teaching robotics and teaching with robots, for example, a robot modeling application mymodelrobot.appspot.com). I also do a lot of machine learning projects.

I would be happy to do some project together or consult some human-robot-interaction ideas. I am also open to some fun/  hacky ideas using Arduinos, IoT, ROS (Robot Operating System), browser-based AR or deep learning. 

Honorata loves to do improvisational designs and can sculpt or draw prototypes and interaction scenarios. 

We will bring some robots for the event to inspire people to think about how robots can represent them.

What Igor and Honorata hope to get from the event: 

We aim at getting some understanding about "robotic representation" for our "Fantom" project (robot for presenting epilepsy attack). We want to answer the question of how people want a robot to represent them -- what is needed for people to feel being represented but also what people do not want to have on their robotic representation. 

Also, we want to participate in a fun event, find people open for collaboration and make friends ;)

Social media links:

Twitter: @IgorZub and @FabLabLodz

Github: AdoHaha https://github.com/AdoHaha


http://gentle.pl -- Igor 

http://gag-film.com -- Honorata

 http://roboterapia.eu -- Roboterapia project for autistic children

Welcome Area - Automation, Creativity & Technology

Welcome Area - Visitors are welcomed into the event by a mock hologram of a talking cyborg, providing an overview of what is happening on the floor. Alongside the relaxed welcome area you are invited to get hands on by helping us what Arts Work of the Future means, through exploring & questioning automation and technology

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