Images from Digital Maker Collective BFI Future Film VR Workshop & Showcase event 22 Aug 2018

BFI Future Film presents... Virtually Summer with the Digital Maker Collective

Digital Maker Collective is really pleased to have collaborated with BFI Future Film Virtually Summer | BFI Southbank read more here.

Images: Creating Immersive Worlds VR Workshop - 22 Aug 2018 (11am-4pm)

Creating Immersive Worlds VR Workshop - Learn & create VR worlds and characters with the Digital Maker Collective.

Images: Digital Maker Collective Showcase 22 Aug 2018 (6-9pm)

Digital Maker Collective Showcase - Check out incredible digital and immersive experiences designed and developed by the Digital Maker Collective.

See: List of artists work - BFI Future Film VR showcase event 22 Aug 2018


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