DMC Newsletter #24-08-18

Images from DMC BFI Event

Digital Maker Collective is really pleased to have collaborated with BFI Future Film Virtually Summer this month - see all the images from Digital Maker Collective BFI Future Film VR workshop & Showcase event 22 Aug 2018 - see here

Tate Exchange Planning 2019 & DMC Meet-ups

The first meet meeting for planning for Tate Exchange 2019 will take place early September 2018 so please look out for the date in the next newsletter. The 18/19 Tex theme we will be Movement and the lead artist for Tate Exchange we will be working with is Tania Bruguera who is the artist commissioned to install the Turbine Hall art work for 2018/19. Start thinking about the Theme and bring your ideas to the meet ups from September!

Interested in Gaming?

Giant Bomb Overwatch session at Tate Exchange - if anyone can make this, this weekend please do - it would be great to see if we can link up with this community.
Tate Exchange has invited members of the DMC along please see below:

"I thought the Digital Maker Collective would be interested in an upcoming programme at Tate Exchange. On Saturday 1 September Mother-son collective Giant Bomb will be exploring the politics of gaming in a live Overwatch session." 

"Giant Bomb will lead a multiplayer gaming session live in Tate Exchange and online, with a group of other intergenerational (one adult- one child) gamers. As well as viewing the session through large screens, and watching the players, visitors can observe the live conversation about some of the politics involved in playing these games (anything from parental controls to identity politics). The two short games sessions will be followed by an open conversation between those watching and playing in the space and those playing online. We are managing the recruitment and sign up of gamers (where the child needs to be 12+). This is not so much a participatory gaming session (since we only have a limited number of spaces) as a chance to watch and discuss online games and related issues with other adults and children." 

"I hope some of the DMC family are able to make it!"

Jane, Programme manager at Tate Exchange

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