List of artists work - BFI Future Film VR showcase event 22 Aug 2018

On 22 August 2018 members of the Digital Maker Collective presented a Virtual Reality VR showcase event at BFI (British Film Institute) which was part of the BFI Future Film, Virtually Summer. Throughout August 2018 the BFI hosted a series of practical workshops, masterclasses and screenings to help visitors get to grips with the latest in immersive film tech, as well as giving young, aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to make their own immersive experiences.

See all the images from Digital Maker Collective BFI Future Film VR Workshop day & Showcase evening - Here

Below are a list of works of artist who took part in the showcase:

Lorent Rezari and Lucy Wheeler’s
Semi-Arid Desert / Pulp Tanker Collaborative World


This is a collaborative desert environment that contains the Pulp Tanker from a previous video exhibited at Permittivity of Free Space, APT Gallery last month. The tanker has been re-envisioned to exist and be experienced in a simulated environment. Conceptually, Pulp Tanker, as a video piece, is an experiment to expand the universe in which my characters can exist in. This virtual work is a continuation of this development that explores the understanding of hyper objects and how this is effected in immersive spaces.


Semi-Arid Desert is a real time simulation of a desert environment that is inhabited by AI controlled meshes. The work explores the instances in which virtual data overlaps and extends onto physical spaces. This relationship between the virtual and physical realms displace and alter viewer perception to introduce new experiences that exceed the limits of human reality. The VR experience explores the idea of distance and how data masked as virtual objects can bring us closer to familiar environments or experiences that are often out of reach.Yet, these AI controlled meshes remind us all too well that it's a simulation as the cacti and rocks move frame by frame across the desert landscape.

The Landscape is 2km x 2km in size. The virtual environment also contains Artist Lucy Wheelers Pulp Tanker as 3D object, spilling away.

VIVE FOCUS Lorent Rezari, Desert SBS, Virtual Reality in 360 video, 7 minutes

Desert SBS' is a stereoscopic panoramic video that depicts a . The work explores the idea of distance and how data masked as virtual objects can bring us closer to familiar environments or experiences that are often limited by distance. 

Chris Follows - Living Room 2018

Virtual reality work being developed by Chris Follows, video above is a short VR screen capture of the VR piece (no sound).

Chris's father Dave Follows was a professional cartoonist, he drew a daily cartoon strip for a local paper in Stoke-on-Trent, The Sentinel, called ‘May Un Mar Lady' which ran every day for over 30 years until his death in 2003.

Using the cartoons as primary reference material, Chris has taken various snippets from the cartoons to montage and build up a virtual representation of the cartoon world that his father may have imagined every day over the 30 years of drawing his cartoon. Over time Chris hopes to continue building the world, completing the house, and adding the neighbouring house, the street, the local pub, chippy & shops etc.

The virtual reality Living Room is fully interactive and visitors are free to walk around the virtual environment, the space is online on VR Chat where anyone can visit the space with others either in 2D view from a desktop PC or in VR through VR Chat. 

- Go to and set up an account 
- Launch VRChat (PC only)
- Then from within VRChat search user ChrisVRChat and/or room location #7282

Find out more about the cartoon strip & Dave Follows here:

Chris Follows website:

Zoe Wheeler, Dancing Cherry, Virtual Reality, August 2018

The piece is an ecosystem of cherry blossoms that once took the form of an animation embedded in papier mache sculpture, recently exhibited at Permittivity of Free Space. In the VR world the participant gains the ability to trigger the cherry blossoms to display a dance. This action can be repeated again and again. The cyclical nature of these forms subverts our understanding of both cherry blossoms seasonal lifespans and of a fossil. The work inverts itself from reality to question what could be beyond our understanding of the existence of organic, decomposable matter.

Jazmin Morris, Femmy Pusher, Animation with sound 2018

An animation exploring the experience of being female in a post-technological society. The animation highlights the similarities between women and machinery, the repetition and expectations of being. A retro arcade machine is used as a construct to provoke thoughts of nostalgia and leisure, whilst darker themes of desire and disposability are addressed through the comparison of women to loose change. 

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