DMC meeting notes Camberwell Playground 11 October 2018

DMC meeting notes Camberwell Playground 11 October 2018

Huge thanks to all of those who came along to the Digital Maker Collective (DMC) kick off meetings at Camberwell Playground 11 October 2018.

Next weeks DMC meet ups will be drop-in & informal: 

Come and help kick off some projects or just find out more about the Camberwell Playground Digital Projects Space at the following times next week, please sign up so we know to expect you using this link here:

  • 16 Oct Tuesday 14:00 – 16:00 - Sign Up 
  • 17 Oct Wednesday 10:00 – 17:00 - Sign Up

To recap, what we discussed:

What is the ‘Digital Projects Space’ at the Camberwell Playground?

The space is different from UALs normal day-to-day activity/business of learning & teaching. The Digital Space is for supporting digital incubation projects which must regularly contribute to both the below:

  • Support ‘Camberwell Playground’ social engagement: with our non-UAL local community, neighbours and groups e.g. offer workshops, activities and events which support social inclusion and respond to local challenges & needs of the local community.
  • Provide income generating enterprise opportunities for the ‘Camberwell Playground’: e.g. may include incubation of new technology-based business models, new digital economies or new tech start-ups which must demonstrate the potential to raise income/revenue for the Playground space as well as the team involved.

How we aim to pilot Camberwell Playground Digital Projects Space (as above) with the Digital Maker Collective (DMC)

The nature of the space means we need to maintain a ‘family like’ environment and an awareness of who is using the space, so no one is a stranger in the space at any time. Ideally everyone/groups working in the space need to be aware of each other and help identify anyone new in the space. We will hold regular Digital Projects Space introduction meet-ups.

Limited Access until the Playground is fully functional – Early 2019:


For the next few months as we settle into the new Camberwell Playground space and until this space is fully operational: Access to the Digital Projects Space during this pilot/bedding-in period will be limited to:

  • DMC organized meet ups - DMC will hold regular meet-ups and activities in the space these will be advertised and visitors must sign up to attend.
  • Prior agreed DMC incubation/activities – these are DMC teams/incubators who have been fully inducted into the space who are supporting social inclusion projects and enterprise initiatives for the Playground. 

Please contact Chris Follows if you wish to participate in the Digital Projects Space at Camberwell.


As part of DMCs review of processes, structure and mission we have started to define levels of participation:

  • DMC Voluntary Participant: This is a very informal, no pressure relationship with the DMC and related activities. Primarily for those who are generally interested but would only like to observe, toe dip and occasionally contribute. Those who can’t fully commit or take on more responsibilities at this stage but may want to in the future.   
  • DMC Voluntary Facilitator: This level of participation requires weekly commitment and therefore you would contribute to the day-to-day development of the DMC including helping organize & run meet-ups, events, special interest groups and incubators. This team would also help evolve the culture of the collective by contributing to its mission & helping develop its manifesto.


The main DMC communications overview will continue to be shared via mail chimp email list via a newsletter and important updates. You can sign up here to the list.

Once we start developing DMC events, specific activities via our DMC interest groups and incubators communications within these groups can be team/those involved only but can share regular updates on the all DMC newsletter of all the activities.
DMC general social channels at present include
Social: Facebook Twitter @CCWDigital Instagram: digitalmakercollective
Hashtags: #artsDMC #digitalmakercollective #tateexchange #CambPlayground

Incubators, social engagement & digital enterprise:

 We are looking to kick off a few new incubators with the DMC over the next few months. DMC Immersive is our first pilot incubator and they have been busy over the last few months building the team and developing new operational models. Some highlights over the past few months include:

DMC Immersive are due to present and support ‘The Fourth VR Diversity Initiative’ on the 19th October 2019 at Here East. Watch out for updates soon.

Tate Exchange 2019:

 Full concentration over the next few weeks will be on developing DMC and activities within the Camberwell Playground. Those DMC activities and incubators who work create within the Playground and partnership with the local community and who also explore the Tate Exchange 2019 (TEx) theme of ‘Movement’ will be part of the Tate Exchange 2019 planning. More about TEx news to follow soon.

DMC related opportunities:

  • Women in 3D Printing:

As mentioned previously DMC have been invited to support ‘The Fourth VR Diversity Initiative’ at Here East. This opportunity has come about by our meeting Kadine James of @Hobs3D at Here East, and we are very much looking forward to building potential partnerships with Kadine, Hobs Studio and other friends at Here East in the future.

You can help us by please going along to join Kadine at her ‘Women in 3D Printing’ meet-up with on Thurs 29 Nov (note date change). You can register soon, please let us know if you go along and let Kadine know you are part of the DMC.

  • Augmenting the creative process with machine intelligence with
    Happy Finish Global:

Happy Finish were part of our 2017 VR symposium at Tate Exchange and we are looking to collaborate further with them at the Playground. They are doing some amazing work with machine learning, augmenting the creative process with machine intelligence (image, film, sound, immersive environments and live performance). We are looking to invite Happy Finish to the Playground to talk about their work and how we could collaborate together. Email Chris if you are interested in being part of this conversation.

  • Happy Finish Charity Exhibition - Call for entry extended the deadline for submissions until 7th December

Happy Finish are hosting a charity art exhibition event in London on 29th November called Art: Disrupted and are looking for talented young creatives to collaborate with in producing artwork for the event.

The theme of the artwork is 'Disruption'. See all the call details and how to apply here

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