DMC Immersive: Pilot Incubator Accelerator Project

DMC:Immersive are a specialist sub group of the Digital Maker Collective (DMC), between 2017 & 2018 the group took part in a DMC Incubator/accelerator pilot project part supported by the UAL Learning & Teaching Exchange Fund 2017-18 Awards. DMC Immersive are made up of UAL DMC students and alumni who have immersive experience and co-create and support various research and development, events and workshops in Immersive technologies.

Events undertaken by DMC Immersive include:

DMC Immersive at Hobs Here East industry mixer event

DMC Immersive joined digital industry artists & creatives for a mixer event at hosted by @Hobs3D #DigitalFoundry at #HereEast.  DMC Members Jazmin @ChelseaUAL student & Lucy @WimbledonUAL alumni gave a brilliant presentation on what they have been working on. Huge thanks to Kadine at Hobs for organising the event & Eagle Labs for the drinks!

Below some social perspectives from Jazmin & Lucy: 

DMC at VR Diversity Initiative workshop, Hobs & Here East 19-10-18


On Friday 19th October 2018 members of DMC Immersive were invited by @Hobs3D to @Plexalcity at @HereEast to the VR Diversity Initiative workshop @VRDI_UK event supported by #VRfocus. DMC Immersive participating members included: Lorent Rezari, Lucy Wheeler, Irina Starkova, Jazmin Morris, Grzesiek Sedek and Chris Follows (Image above by Cheska Lotherington)

Images from Digital Maker Collective BFI Future Film VR Workshop & Showcase event 22 Aug 2018

Digital Maker Collective, DMC Immersive is really pleased to have collaborated with BFI Future Film Virtually Summer | BFI Southbank. Creating Immersive Worlds VR Workshop - 22 Aug 2018 (11am-4pm) and Digital Maker Collective Showcase 22 Aug 2018 (6-9pm).

BFI Virtual Summer VR workshop & showcase was supported by Lorent Rezari, Zoe Wheeler, Lucy Wheeler, Jazmin Morris and Chris Follows.

Digital Maker Collective part of Modual: Immersive

DMC Immersive were really pleased to have partnered with Fred Deakin's amazing Modual to support the first Modual: Immersive workshop & event, which focused on immersive technology, specifically VR, AR and sensor based installations. 35 UAL students across all colleges and courses took part in the workshop. The workshop took place over nine days at Somerset House from 3rd to 13th April 2018.

Modual Immersive was supported by DMC Immersive Members: Lorent Rezari, Damien Borowik, Nikita Russi, Zoe Wheeler, Lucy Wheeler, Irina Starkova, Jazmin Morris and Chris Follows

DMC presentations at UAL Digital Edge

On the 27 June 2018 members of the DMC Immersive (Lorent Rezari, Zoe Wheeler, Lucy Wheeler, Irina Starkova and Chris Follows) delivered presentations and immersive demo at UAL Digital Edge at Digital Catapult London.

Tate Exchange & Tate Lates at Tate Modern

Members of DMC Immersive have delivered and supported 3 large scale events at Tate Exchange & Tate Lates at Tate Modern, engaging & interacting with thousands of visitors. 

Videos Tate Exchange 06-11 March 2018

Digital Maker Collective on Sky News Swipe

Digital Making Art School Tate Exchange Feb & March 2017

Images: Uniqlo Tate Lates Jan 2018


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