DMC Meet-Ups - Call to action 30-31 Oct & 1 Nov

Digital Maker Collective Development Sessions - A call to action

Following the success of our DMC kick off meetings, we will be running FOUR sessions to help turn talk into actions. Please feel free to attend as many sessions as you wish as each meeting will aim to evolve & progress, meeting to meeting. Also there may be opportunity to stay in-between sessions to continue working on ideas in the space.

DMC Development Sessions:

DMC Facilitators: A chance to take charge and get hands on. help kick off & plan DMC activities
DMC Participants: Get up-to-date, find out more about DMC activities or support facilitators develop projects.

Tues 30th Oct (11:00-12:30) - (15:00 - 16:30) Sign up HERE
Weds 31st Oct (11:00-13:00) Sign up HERE

Kick off - VR Meet-up:

For those interested in exploring use of Immersive experiences for DMC related projects e.g engaging local communities (please note this is not a technically supported workshop, please be prepared to bring research, knowledge so you can contribute something to the DMC meet up, for purpose of DMC related project development only)

Thurs 1st Nov (15:00 - 16:30) Sign up HERE

Camberwell Playground
Modular Building
Digital Space
1 Wilson Road

- No need to enter main building,
- Turn left towards the large wooden building

DMC Immersive at VR Diversity Initiative workshop, Hobs & Here East 19-10-18

On Friday 19th October 2018 members of DMC Immersive were invited by @Hobs3D to @Plexalcity at @HereEast to the VR Diversity Initiative workshop @VRDI_UK event supported by #VRfocus @innovateuk @thecasefarm@RealitiesCentre @htcvive @DeloitteDIGI_UK @oculus @eagle_labs

The DMC Immersive team delivered a short presentation, sharing art school/creative perspectives of immersive technologies as well as supporting the unity workshop. DMC participants who attended included: Lorent Rezari, Lucy Wheeler, Irina Starkova, Jazmin Morris, Grzesiek Sedek and Chris Follows (Images above by Cheska Lotherington)

Re-Designing Products for a Circular Economy by OD&M: Open Design & Manufacturing

Watch this space - we will be sharing the sign up link to the below workshop at the Playground in the next day or so:

In this hands-on 3 hour workshop, Nat Hunter, co-founder of The Great Recovery, will start by outlining the need for us to move to a circular economy. We will then get our hands dirty, and using security toolkits, hammers and spudgers we will take discarded products apart to see what is in them. We will analyse the materials, map out supply chains, talk about what happens to these products when they are discarded in various parts of the world. We will then redesign some of the key products for a circular economy, using The Great Recovery design model. We will redesign each product for fix & repair, for service design, for re-use in manufacture and for material recovery. We will need to consider Internet of Things, sensors, tracking, robots and other technology that can help us achieve these new business models.

Location Camberwell Playground
Wed, November 7, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM 

What is DMC Immersive?

DMC Immersive are a specialist sub group of the Digital Maker Collective (DMC), the Group is made up of UAL DMC students and alumni immersive experience specialists who create and support research and development events and workshops in Immersive technologies. 

Read more about DMC Immersive and what they have been up to at BFI and Somerset House MODUAL etc here

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