DMC roadmap, timeline & meet-ups 5th & 7th Nov

DMC roadmap, timeline & meet-ups 5th & 7th Nov 2018

Many thanks all those who came along to the Drop-in DMC Development Sessions this week, really important we make this time to chat in small groups, which we aim to do a lot more of over the coming months. Please see our DMC roadmap below:

DMC Roadmap – Timeline Nov 18 – March 19

Time to Kick off Nov 2018 with meet-ups: 

Nov 2018 is the month of DMC play & experimentation getting to know each other & creating & defining new DMC communities of interest:

Those who came along this week managed to propose three new interest groups/clusters and DMC facilitators have arranged kick off meetings, please sign up and join in or just find out more about the topics being discussed.
Remember, remember from November its all about starting fresh:

  • internal reflection
  • making time to understand what the DMC is
  • how we can work together in groups?
  • what our shared interests & values are? 
  • DMC relationship to our own personal practice & values

What to start a meet up?

Please come along to any DMC drop-in sessions so we can help you plan or contact Chris Follows

Next week meet up and activities: SIGN UP HERE

DMC general drop-in, 1 to 1 time

Date: Mon 5th November 2-4 PM
Where: Camberwell Playground
Facilitated by: Chris Follows

Three meet up session on the afternoon of Weds 7th Nov but its ok to hop between them to see if any take your interest:

Uses of AI in Contemporary Art

Date: Weds 7th of November 2-4 PM
Where: Camberwell Playground
Facilitated by: Nana Maiolini & Chico Mazza
Drop in group discussion about DMC research on AI. 
Plan a visit to the exhibition Pierre Huyghe: UUmwelt, in which the artist creates a complex immersive ecosystem using artificial intelligence at the Serpentine Gallery. Chico Mazza (DMC participant & Serpentine staff) is offering an exhibition tour followed by a chat at the Serpentine. 

Artificially Intelligent Virtual Reality

Date: Weds 7th of November 2-4 PM
Where: Camberwell Playground
Facilitated by: Katerina Athina Kassi & Chris Follows
An open conversation about how we can create a very realistic environment in VR and what methods of experimentation we could use for doing that. How do we create content for VR and can could AI can possibly be the medium to assist virtual environment creation? Nowadays, we could say that VR and AI are strongly connected in a variety of applications. We hope there will be natural cross over we this meet-up with the other AI group meet-up.

Hybridising Interactive Technologies

Date: Weds 7th of November 2-4 PM
Where: Camberwell Playground
Facilitated by: Nicola Rae
We discussed experimenting with a range of different technologies to visualise movement (including sign language). Using Kinect V2 Motion Sensor, Overtone Analyzer sound visualisation software (Nicola), Max MSP (Maddie's data moshing), physical computing (James e.g. near field communication microchips with phones + objects and motors) and Mi.Mu or Mini.Mu gloves.

Re-Designing Products For A Circular Economy By OD&M: Open Design & Manufacturing Project


Wed, November 7, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM GMT

In this hands-on 3 hour workshop, Nat Hunter, co-founder of The Great Recovery, will start by outlining the need for us to move to a circular economy.

We will then get our hands dirty, and using security toolkits, hammers and spudgers we will take discarded products apart to see what is in them. We will analyse the materials, map out supply chains, talk about what happens to these products when they are discarded in various parts of the world. We will then redesign some of the key products for a circular economy, using The Great Recovery design model. We will redesign each product for fix & repair, for service design, for re-use in manufacture and for material recovery. We will need to consider Internet of Things, sensors, tracking, robots and other technology that can help us achieve these new business models.


All the above meet-ups & workshop take place:

Camberwell Playground 
Modular Building
Digital Space
1 Wilson Road

- No need to enter main building,
- Turn left towards the large wooden building

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