DMC Newsletter 09-11-18

What Happened?

Really interesting discussions around Machine Intelligence #AI and #VR - looking forward to see how this newly formed #artsDMC Artificial Intelligence group evolves :)

We were treated to an OD&M open workshop event 'Re-Designing Products for a Circular Economy' on Wed, 7 November at Camberwell Playground, Wilson Road, led by Nat Hunter, co-founder of The Great Recovery. This first OD&M open workshop event at Camberwell Playground aims to start a new series of open design collaboration and exchanges between CSM (MA Industrial Design), CCW (Digital Maker Collective), EU project partners and the wider public. Read more and see images from the event here.

What's Happening week 12 -16 Nov 2018 ?

Hybridising Interactive Technologies

Date: Monday 12th November at 11 am​
Where: Camberwell Playground
Facilitated by: Nicola Rae
Book: No need to just drop by
We discussed experimenting with a range of different technologies to visualise movement (including sign language). Using Kinect V2 Motion Sensor, Overtone Analyzer sound visualisation software (Nicola), Max MSP (Maddie's data moshing), physical computing (James e.g. near field communication microchips with phones + objects and motors) and Mi.Mu or Mini.Mu gloves.

Wimbledon College, drop-in, 1 to 1, find out about the DMC

Date: Tuesday 13th November at 11 am​ - 12pm
Where: Wimbledon College of Arts - Makerspace
Facilitated by: Chris Follows
Book: No need to just drop by for a informal chat

Introducing Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Into The Creative Content Process: Happy Finish

Daniel Cheetham, CEO at Happy Finish ( and his colleagues Dr Marco Marchesi and Natalie Rosa will give us an insight into how over the past 6 years their company has worked at the progressive edge of creative, immersive technologies. 

  • When: Wednesday 14th Nov 3pm -6pm  
  • Where: Camberwell Playground, Modular Building, Digital Projects Space, 1 Wilson Road, London, SE5 8LU
  • BOOK: UAL only event - contact Chris Follows

From the early days of gaffer taping a multitude of go pros together and hacking together a post production pipeline to capture and stitch 360 video content through to their current adventures in introducing machine learning/artificial intelligence into the creative content process. The guys will share what they do and how they do it and will also bring along some examples of their work to demo. 

DMC Immersive demo & presentation at Hobs Mixer event (Hobs event as invited guests)

Date: Thursday 15th November 6pm
Where: Hobs Here East (Hobs event as invited guests)
Facilitated by: Hobs Studio 

DMC Immersive team members are really looking forward to demo & presentation at Hobs Mixer event, Mixer evening will include - Hobs3D / DMC / Eagle Labs / The Trampery / AI Build / Dr Joan Soler Adillion / Win3DP&VR / Digital Foundry.

DMC Roadmap – Timeline Nov 18 – March 19

Nov 2018 is the month of DMC play & experimentation getting to know each other & creating & defining new DMC communities of interest:

Those who came along this week managed to propose three new interest groups/clusters and DMC facilitators have arranged kick off meetings, please sign up and join in or just find out more about the topics being discussed.
Remember, remember from November its all about starting fresh:

  • internal reflection
  • making time to understand what the DMC is
  • how we can work together in groups?
  • what our shared interests & values are? 
  • DMC relationship to our own personal practice & values

What to start a meet up?

Please come along to any DMC drop-in sessions so we can help you plan or contact Chris Follows

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