Notes From DMC: Immersive Meeting 27th Nov 2018

We had 9 participants of this meeting: Zoe, India, Margarita, Kristina, Kasia, Lorent, Lucy, Jazmin, Shirley. Notes by Zoe

  • We did a show and tell of each others work. It was great to see the diversity of how people are interested in working with Immersive tech in different ways.
  • We discussed different ways of making with VR and shared knowledge to new participants,who didn't have a lot of knowledge making with VR,what programs are used and how you can learn at home.
  • We collaborated together using Masterpiece to allow new members an opportunity to try out drawing with VR. 
  • We then discussed ways in which we could collaborate with extended communities to combat issues surrounding VR as equipment that has limited accessibility. 
  • We had a conversation around women in tech and perhaps collaborating with young women at school/ college to encourage accessibility and continuation of creating with Immersive Tech. We did consider the need for funding if we wanted to run workshops consistently.
  • The most common theme that was discussed at the meeting was Accessibility to Immersive tech. 
  • We suggested the idea of creating an Immersive World around this idea.
  • For the next meeting we decided that it would be a good idea to follow the themes discussed and pitch ideas of a potential Immersive World to one another- (could follow a narrative, be an experience or be a game).
  • We thought it would be a good idea for Kasia to lead the next meeting as she has experience in pitching to collaborators. 
  • After the next meeting we are going to look at creating a collaborative digital mood board.

Agenda for the next meeting:

  1. Continue social issues conversation
  2. Pinterest Moodboard
  3. Pitching
  4. Discussion on collaborating in making a world as a group.

Please refer to image attached of the topics covered whilst in the meeting.

If you cannot make the next meeting or missed the first meeting please feel free to come to the next session or send a video of your pitch to us to watch. 

For people who haven't shown their work to everyone, could you please bring something to show for the net week as it would be great for everyone to experience everyone's work.

Look forward to the next meeting with everyone!  See Below:

DMC: Immersive/Extended Reality Meet-up

Where: Chelsea Makerspace
Date: Thursday 5th December
Time: 5pm to 7pm
Meet up contacts: Kasia​ & Zoe
What: Pitching session with show case of our work/get to know each other - what are areas of our interest, ideas and group feedback, more about technology we can use and I guess, it's a continuation of previous meet up, but we will make it open, so new people can join the conversation and catch up.

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