Tate Exchange 2019 - Beta Society Project Plan

Between the 5th – 10th March 2019 members of the Digital Maker Collective in collaboration with invited guest contributors and our community partners will deliver a week long event at Tate Exchange, Tate Modern. The Beta Society event will aim to establish a new community of creatives, students, industry and public, exploring social mobility through digital co-production & debate.

See more info about the Beta Society 0n the Tate Exchange website here: https://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/tate-exchange/workshop/beta-society

What is Social Mobility?

Social mobility refers to the extent to which individuals move between socio-economic strata, both within one’s lifetime and between generations. It relates to the extent to which our society is ‘open’ or ‘fair’. Social Mobility in Engineering Report

What is Socially Engaged Practice?

Socially engaged practice, also referred to as social practice or socially engaged art, can include any artform which involves people and communities in debate, collaboration or social interaction. Tate website

Project Plan:

Please see below a project plan for how we aim to approach and develop the Tate Exchange project over the next two months:

Key objectives early January:

Milestone 1: Develop Beta Society plan, create an identity and build a Beta Society Team to include different responsibilities social engagement, event planning, activity/workshop development and organising debates, workshops & talks.

Milestone 2: Discuss and research the communities we would like to engage with and approach 2 communities to get on-board, visit each other. Meetings with community to identify community Pain Points issues from community perspective – to carry out UAL Beta Society team social engagement training 

Milestone 3: Beta Society Designs created and printed – plan for Tate layout/zones & wayfinding in place

Phase 1: Beta Society Team building & training

The dates below are drop-in times, sessions to help you get involved. Stay as long or short as you can. Over these 2 weeks we need to meet up as much as possible to develop the Beta society Tate Exchange project and event planning - we will also be organisind some training sessions with Natalie Bell team, who support youth and community programmes at Coin Street Community Builders and will meet with the Tate Exchange team.

Please complete the DOODLE POLL to let us know your availability so we can plan training sessions.

Week 7th - 12th January (Tate Exchange planning meetings only)

  • Weds 9th Chelsea Makerspace 2- 4pm
  • Fri 11th Camberwell Playground​ 2- 4pm
  • Sat 12th Camberwell Playground​ 11am- 3pm (TBC)

Week 14th - 18th January (Tate Exchange planning meetings only)

  • Mon 14th Camberwell Playground 11 - 4pm
  • Tues 15th Camberwell Playground 11 - 4pm
  • Weds 16th Camberwell Playground​ 11 - 4pm
  • Thurs 17th Camberwell Playground​ 10 - 4pm (Visit from Tate Exchange team at 10am)

Who are the Beta Society?

Documenting DMC

Please be aware documenting the DMC and our journey is an important part of what we do and the documentation has helped us gain lots of support and interest over the years. Sharing our progress, what we do with others is very important in terms of visibility. Therefore:

  • Photo and video documentation will be taken at all UAL meetups and shared on social media, within UAL spaces. If you do not want to be photographed or filmed please let us know before the sessions/meeting, we will make sure to try and avoid you or obscure you from view, we may need to include the back of head etc.
  • For meet-ups outside UAL, we will seek your approval and in venues such as Tate they will have their own policy on documentation in the public space.
  • If the DMC are working with non-UAL staff, students and alumni we must seek approval before documenting any activities & events.

Many thanks for your contribution to the DMC and helping us share what we do with others.

What to get involved?

Please contact Chris Follows c.follows@arts.ac.uk.

Chris Follows
Camberwell Playground
Modular Building
1 Wilson Road

- No need to enter main building,
- Turn left towards the large wooden building

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