DMC Newsletter 1st Feb 2019

Meet-ups 5th & 8th Feb

Extended Reality Meet-up

Where: DMC: Extended Reality
Where: Chelsea Makerspace
Date: Tuesday 5th Feb
Time: 10am-2pm
Meet up contacts: Zoe 
Planning Tate workshop and project. Creating a timetable for leading up to Tate and after.
Importing individuals avatars that have been made on Blender into Unreal Engine.
1.Creating your 3d scanned avatar with blender.
2.Continuation of creating skins for the workshop.

AI - Machine Learning Meet-up

Where: Camberwell Playground
Date: Wednesday 6th Feb
Time: 9:30 - 11:00
Meet up contacts: Vishal/Farruk
What: What: Follow-up on workshops discussed in previous meetings and start live testing and refining

Tate Exchange Event

BETA Society:

Exploring impacts of tech on society. Event March 2019 debate & activities supporting socioeconomic diversity & equality of opportunity in the arts 

BETA Society: ALL TEAM planning meeting

Where: Camberwell Playground
Date: Wednesday 6th Feb
Time: 11:00 - 12:30
Meet up contacts: Chris Follows
What: Meeting for all those involved in the BETA Society event planning, teams include: CommunityDesignDiversityLogisticsFundraisingCommunicationsIndustry Collaboration

LionHeart: Charles & Julia meeting

Where: Camberwell Playground
Date: Wednesday 6th Feb
Time: 12:30 - 13:30
Meet up contacts: Chris Follows
What: We will be joined by Charles (& Tate Neighbour) & Julia from LionHeart in the community to see how we could work with LionHeart as a guest contributor at Tate Exchange 

CRIN: kick off meeting

Where: Camberwell Playground
Date: Thursday 7th Feb
Time: 11:00 - 13:00
Meet up contacts: Chris Follows
What: We will be joined by Child Rights International Network CRIN as our new guest contributor for our BETA Society event at Tate Exchange, March 2019 event.

Natalie Bell Workshop - equal opportunity, social mobility, diversity, social engagement & youth work

Workshop with Natalie Bell from Coin Street Community Builders

These workshops are part of the development for Tate Exchange BETA Society event exploring socially engaged practice, social inclusion & mobility, see more about Tate event here.

The workshop is supported by the DMC funded project: Socially Engaged Digital Practice project supported by UAL Teaching and Learning Fund 2019

The workshop will include:

Equal opportunity, Social mobility and Diversity?- What do these mean and how can we create a neutral space that support true collaboration and social inclusion?

Introduction to social engagement and youth work - Exploring ideas, methods & approaches for supporting co-production and positive community engagement

Each session is the same but may be slightly different and will respond to the audience needs, the sessions will also lead into a general conversation with the DMC, where you can bring your perspectives of digital to the session themes.

Workshop will be held at Camberwell Playground 

The plan in BETA mode:

We are looking to programme a number of open & informal debates/discussions as well as some hands on activities. We hope to identify a number of provocations/challenges and will invite the public to respond through making, co-production & digital experimentation in the:

Hacker Studio, along side an Open Platform for Informal Debate

The emerging themes/context currently included:

Equality of opportunity: 

  • Explore, examine & challenge existing narratives of social inclusion & social mobility 
  • Formal models of education: schools - universities - what/who are they for?
  • Future of work: Inclusion, diversity, or impacts of technology on creative industries & the low-wage workforce e.g automation - manufacturing, 
  • Challenge societies narrative of success (rather then trying to change conditions of others to fit ours narrative)

Citizen centered innovation:

  • What do we mean by Socially Engaged Practice?
  • Explore & share ideas, methods & approaches for supporting co-production 
  • How can we use digital technology to better enable positive change for socioeconomic diversity? 
  • Support for social inclusion, new enterprise models and knowledge exchange opportunities
  • How do we create a neutral space that can avoid structured mandates and support true collaboration and social inclusion? 
  • What challenges are there for local communities in representing themselves in a different location, environment and context such as public art galleries, educational institutions or virtual space?

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