DMC Newsletter 9th Feb 2019

During the crucial run up to T-Day, we will aim to make Camberwell Playground available as much as possible, so you can all pre-plan meetings or any development of work on these days in the space.

DMC will be at Camberwell Playground:

  • 12th Tues 10- 5pm
  • 13th Weds 10-6pm (BETA team meeting 11am)
  • 14th Thurs 11-5pm
  • 16th Sat 11am-3pm

Time to collaborate with guest communities:

Please align your ideas, practice with our guest communities & the emerging themes & provocations:

Guest Communities (3rd Sector)

  • LionHeart, Brixton Community (Common Language) verbal, body, cultural capital, social, socio-economic, intergenerational etc. Charles & Julia from LionHeart will be meeting us at: Camberwell Playground 14th Weds 2pm - 4pm 
  • CRIN Child Rights International Network: Beta-Utopia. Letʼs re-imagine the world we are fighting for: against normalizing surveillance, facial recognition, build cities from perspective of disabilities, - breaking institutional power, superhero workshop. Veronica & Miriam will be meeting us at: Camberwell Playground 15th Thursday 11am - 1pm 

We are looking to explore the themes together but need to try and avoid imposing our pre-made ideas/projects, instead look to adapt to see how we can bring our expertise into the mix to respond to the ideas.

Partner Community (Public Sector)

  • Open Design & Manufacturing: The team from the EU funded project will be sharing project findings around open design, citizen centered innovation & social mobility. We will be joined by project partners from across the EU Italy, Poland & Spain as well as UAL students who have been working with Camden communities & Camden Council.

Emerging themes & provocations from the Open Debate Space:

  • Is British theatre truly accessible to the working-class? And what potential does digital technology have to change it?
  • Holistic understandings of the social world, and a reimagining of our place within it.
  • Who is your group and organisation is for?

City & Islington College workshop by DMC at Camberwell

'We really enjoyed ourselves. The DMC facilitators were great and the VR Masterpiece tech was a lot of fun!' City & Islington College will arrange for a group to join us at the Tate Exchange on Wed 6th March.

City & Islington College will also share ideas to discuss related to social mobility:

  • A big issue they identified is connected to access to Higher Education opportunities today.
  • Another thing that came up for their students is feeling pressured and stressed to make decisions about their future before they are ready and the need for just being able to just be themselves,  and take care of their mental health and wellbeing.

Event Programme

We are starting the process of developing the event programme. Please do not add to the online goggle document until it has been discussed and agreed at the weekly team meetings.

We have 2 spaces to programme:

Digital Maker Zone (DMZ)

Public co-production & making space, with pop-up workshops & installations

Open Debate Space

Open debate sharing social mobility, inclusion & diversity work & projects

Example below of DRAFT programme for the Open Debate Space 8th March

Natalie Bell Workshop - equal opportunity, social mobility, diversity, social engagement & youth work

Thank you all for coming to the Natalie Bell workshops, we had 35 people attend and nearly 100% turn out based on sign ups, impressive! I have upload the slides and the resource Natalie shared onto the BETA team Google Drive.

Documenting DMC

Please be aware documenting the DMC and our journey is an important part of what we do and the documentation has helped us gain lots of support and interest over the years. Sharing our progress, what we do with others is very important in terms of visibility. Therefore:

  • Photo and video documentation will be taken at all UAL meetups and shared on social media, within UAL spaces. If you do not want to be photographed or filmed please let us know before the sessions/meeting, we will make sure to try and avoid you or obscure you from view, we may need to include the back of head etc.
  • For meet-ups outside UAL, we will seek your approval and in venues such as Tate they will have their own policy on documentation in the public space.
  • If the DMC are working with non-UAL staff, students and alumni we must seek approval before documenting any activities & events.

Many thanks for your contribution to the DMC and helping us share what we do with others.


What to get involved?

Please contact Chris Follows


Chris Follows
Camberwell Playground 
Modular Building
1 Wilson Road

- No need to enter main building,
- Turn left towards the large wooden building

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