Machine Learning for the Creative Industry

Digital Maker Collective (DMC) are really please to be co-developing and delivering a new intensive fundamentals of Machine Learning for Creative Industry course, the course is led by Happy Finish and supported by UAL Creative Computing Institute. This workshop will teach the fundamentals of Machine Learning through the applications and the tools that are used in the industry. The students will play with state of the art projects and we will experience how AI is going to change creativity.

22 - 26 July, Chelsea College of Arts CCW Collaborative MakerSpace

What will the workshop involve?

This course Delivered by Happy Finish in partnership with the Digital Maker Collective will teach the fundamentals of what AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are and how machines can help the future generations of designers, artists and content creators to enhance their creativity.

Participants will play with the tools used now in academia and industry to build Machine Learning applications: PyTorch, TensorFlow and Python. It will be explained how to choose the correct tools based on the applications, how to collect data and train the systems that are used in Creative AI today.

We will play with code (but previous code experience is not necessary) using interactive tools and analysing existing open source projects. The workshop will contain lectures, group sessions, screenings, brainstorming sessions, QA, prototyping, seminars with companies, startups and universities involved in Creative AI.

About Happy Finish: Happy Finish is a global creative production collective making new things in new ways. Their multi- disciplined artists bring fresh content and products to life for our clients by combining creative techniques with world-class production expertise. They specialise in cross-platform services including Retouch, CGI, XR, AI and creative technology consultancy to craft experiences for some of the biggest brands and agencies in the world.

About the Digital Maker Collective: The Digital Maker Collective (DMC) are a group of University of the Arts London staff, students, alumni who share common goals of exploring digital & emerging technologies in the context of arts, education, society and the creative industries.

Course Team

Guests & Volunteers

Marco Marchesi - Course Lead, Happy Finish

Chris Follows - Course Producer CCW UAL

Grzesiek Sedek - CCW Tech Lead

George Whetnall - CCW Tech Support

Kaye Pryce - CCW Tech Support

Nana Maiolini - UAL Alumni Support 

Jazmin Morris - UAL Student Support

Roxanne Peters - IP-Ethics  - Industry guest

Grace & Femi Owolade-Coombes  - (Young coders group)

Guest Artist - Andy Lomas


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The new UAL Creative Computing Institute (UAL CCI) Institute supports interdisciplinary teaching, research and knowledge exchange at the intersection of creativity and computational technologies. The Institute works across domains such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, alongside exploring how the contemporary world is being defined through human computer interaction and social platforms.

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