Extended Realities: Late at Tate Britain July 2019

Artists have imagined realities using various mediums, throughout history. If you could imagine or experience a time in history, when and where would that be? Join the Digital Maker Collective and help explore the concept of imagined histories and how we experience, time, absence & empathy through immersive art, emergent technologies and virtual reality.

Pentagon No 6

Exploring contextual parameters in the form of an immersive experience in Virtual Reality, the DMC has created an immersive walk through the Millbank Penitentiary (Millbank Prison) re-imagining the notorious Victorian London prison which once occupied the location of Tate Britain. What connects the physical presence of the user to the empathic experience? How does time and the absence of reality relate to the user?

Pentagon No 6 VR artist/designer team:

Other contributors:

  • 3D assets: Nikita Russi (cell items) & Katerina Athina Kassi (lamp, beds & cell items) & Jimena Cieza De Leon (doors)

3D Assets - Virtual making workshop

Visitors can become virtual reality creators. Everyone will be able to create their own 3d objects and will be able to see your creations in VR. This workshop is aiming to make the user to discover and to understand the process of creating a digital environment.

Artist/designer team: Katerina Athina Kassi, Julia Piekarczyk & Salam Shamki

Artists led debate on - Art and Technology:

An interactive discussion on how technology has helped change and influence art making. As well as exploring some of the artists and the various technologies used to produce artworks, the discussion will also prompt questions regarding the value of technology in the future of art. 

Artist/designer team: Farrukh Akbar, Pascale Gourlay & Margarita Novikova

'Digital Prisoner' Installation - provocation piece

A 3D video installation of a futuristic virtual prisoner in a cyber prison. The prisoner is trapped in a computer generated digital environment. The art installation explores time and punitive technology. It references the historic physical incarceration suffered by the prisoners at Millbank prison.   

Artist/designer team: Farrukh Akbar


The Digital Maker Collective (DMC) are a group of University of the Arts London staff, students, alumni who share common goals of exploring digital & emerging technologies in the context of arts, education, society and the creative industries.

See full LATE AT TATE BRITAIN: TIME schedule here on the Tate website

Taylor Digital Studio 18.00–21.00, 5 July 2019
London, SW1P 4RG

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