Chelsea Jam 2015

Chelsea Jam was our first Digital Maker gathering 'CCW Digital MakerSpace' event on May 13th 2015 at Chelsea College of Arts. The Chelsea Jam event aimed to raise awareness of digital making cultures and to increase our capacity to confront the digital unknowns together by establishing our own ‘in house’ CCW digital community. 

See below a selection of images from the Chelsea Jam Event:

The Machines Room

What: Gareth will be on hand with info, a 3D printer and can talk to people about machines room | More Details here

Who: Gareth Owen Lloyd | Machines Room | Chelsea Alumni (2008) | Head of Maker Projects at Machines Room


Digital woven design with electronic loom control with weave student Isabella Mackenzie


What: - Demonstration: Digital woven design with electronic loom control run by software downloaded to the loom | More Details here

Who: Chelsea College of Arts weave department : Lisa Bloomer (academic) Roz Cottrell and Bec Chivers (technical) and weave student Isabella Mackenzie


South London Makerspace

What: - Show and tell about ‘South London Makerspace’ and what we are all about More Details here

Who: Tom Lynch | South London Makerspace | Trustees of South London Makerspace | organiser of Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire at LCC | Alumni CSM Physical Computer | LCC Physical Computing tech


'Solar-technik' a digital replication of experienced sunlight

What: Presentation of artwork which explores how the sensory experience of sunlight can be translated into, amplified and understood in digital form.  What is lost in this translation from analogue/sensory to digital? And what can be gained? | More Details here

Who: Rosemary Munro Kerr | WCA Student MFA




What: (1pm presentation) How Fab Lab London came about | More Details here

Who: Ande Gregson, Co-founder Fab Lab London and creative technologist. Exploring the intersection of science, arts & technology


Make Wear - the complete DIY textile design loop

What: Exhibit/Demo. Shows the process of Digital Textile design through new publication and examples of digital printed textile which promote the textile industry and people's creativity to Make Print & Wear | More Details here

Who: Melanie Bowles | Senior Lecturer, Digital Textile Design Chelsea College of Art



Make It On The Day!

What: Hands on experience with different kinds of Arduino kits provided by Nick and Phil, Chelsea College of the Arts specialist techs | More Details here

Who: Nick Healy & Philip Mills



What: - A Multimedia video combining set design, puppetry, projection mapping and animation into a glorious mess. A partnership that explores multimedia absurdist humour. A day in the life of the surreal city of Normcore | More Details here

Who: Wimbledon BA Theatre Design students | Connor Mott


Creative open source applications

What: Thanasis will be demoing a couple of Linux distributions designed for creative practitioners | More Details here

Who: Athanasios Velios | Research Fellow at CCW


Workshop 3d making skills and new tech:

What: Will, Grzesiek & students will share examples of how traditional artist workshop 3d making skills and new tech, arduino, Raspberry Pi and digital making can be used in arts practice | More Details here

Who: CCW Specialist Techs teams | Will Waterhouse, Grzesiek Sedek & students


Medway Makers and Science

What: Faction: a demo/exhibit/workshop/presentation? We will show some of our work on a provided table including the "Alien Artefact" used in the Science Faction adventure |More details here

Who: Medway Makers group - Tom de Havas



The experience of using digital technology tools and platforms for auto-ethnographic research into the creative process

What: - Technology used for the project available to look at and try. Hands on demonstrations and try the technology out: Go-Pro headcams, digital voice recorders, small film cameras, ability to look at Camtasia editing software, Vimeo for video hosting, Podbean for audio hosting and behind the scenes Evernote and wordpress blog | More Details here

Who: Joanna Neil | lecturer for textiles, fashion, interior design and design disciplines at University Centre Blackburn College and a PhD student based in the School of Education at the University of Glasgow and a Hunterian Associate | Seeing Practice: Making the Invisible Visible with Digital Auto-Ethnography


Co-designing a Digital Creative Toolkit for UAL

What: UAL Futures invite students, staff, alumni and employers to respond to the challenge of developing products, services and experiences that inspire UAL students and graduates to become natural innovators and collaborators in the digital space. Join us to learn more about our co-design project and take part in a journey mapping exercise to explore how we access and apply technology in our creative practice | More Details here

Who: UAL Futures is an initiative exploring ways to support digital skills and creativity across University of the Arts London | Luke Whitehead & Annick Collins


Design Untitled

What: Our session is a joint presentation between Fablab London and UAL Central Widening Participation Team which highlights the benefits of a collaborative project | More Details here

Who: Fablab London and UAL Central Widening Participation Team


Exploring the Open Workshop Network

What: The Open Workshop Network (OWN) is an ongoing research project into the larger making community of London. An exhibit and presentation (13:30 to 14:00 including questions)| More Details here

Who: Liz Corbin, resident PhD student at the Institute of Making and organizer of the Open Workshop Network 


#ChelseaJam ‘Un-Conference’ (Makers Corner)

Andy from @SouthendRPiJams presentation about @Raspberry_Pi @astro_pi and Tom de Havas presenting the Medway Makers group

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