London Connected Learning Centre (CLC) school teachers conference 6th Dec

Members of the Digital Maker Collective were really pleased to be invited to London Connected Learning Centre (CLC) who were hosting a school teachers computing conference on 6th December.

Members of the Collective explored VR, Tilt Brush and physical computing with school teachers during demo sessions throughout the afternoon.

We set up a small area to demonstrate & talked about art school & digital maker collective learning & teaching, which included a small physical computing session (led by Nicola) and Virtual Reality workshop using Google Tilt Brush.

2.00 to3.00 pm: Nicola & Chris delivered a presentation about the DM Collective and collaboration possibilities with Schools & the Tate Exchange

We continued the workshop session after lunch, in the afternoon during a session on computing and art

Team who supported this session were:
·         Nicola Rae
·         Chris Follows
·         Ian Thompson
·         Demelza 

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